How To: Increase Your Social Following Via Email Marketing

How To: Increase Your Social Following Via Email Marketing

With the dawn of social media marketing a lot of businesses have taken their eyes off other forms of marketing including email. Where it used to be at the forefront of marketing campaigns it has been dropped as it is seen as being old hat and no longer relevant, especially in light of the recent GDPR changes. In fact email marketing is still a key and major tool in the arsenal of great marketing managers. Email can be integrated with social media to drive the effectiveness of both strategies.

Integrate your social media links into your emails

Anyone who has taken the time to sign up to your email list is going to be interested in what you have to offer. When you send out your emails adding links and reminders of your social media accounts will encourage your clients who are engaged through email to also engage with you on social media. This will boost your number of followers which will boost your brand status.

Import your email contacts

You have contact details for a large number of people through your mailing list and whenever you make contact with them. Why not import these details to your social media platforms so that you can reach out to them on these forums as well. It’s easy and straight forward to import list to most major platforms and doesn’t take much time at all.

Target Your Advertising Efforts

Adverts cost money so you want to point them to the places where they will have the largest impact. Anyone who has signed up to your email list is already predisposed to engagement with your company. Why not direct your social media advertising towards users who have given you their email addresses. This will help you to get the best value from your social media marketing efforts.

For both the above points, Just make sure you tick all the GDPR requirements and you have consent to do so, people still hate spammers so don’t become one yourself!

Share the Curated Highlights of Your Social Media Presence

Email is a great format for you to pull-out the best of your social media content and share it with interested parties. By using content you have already created for your social media campaign and integrating it into your email you are getting better value for that content. If you create a weekly or monthly highlights style email it will drive you email subscribers to check out what they are missing and give them the opportunity to engage with you on the platform that is most relevant to them. Use this opportunity to select only the best and be as targeted as possible.

Everyone Loves a Chance to win things

If you want to drive more of your email subscribers to join your social media community then one of the most enticing ways to achieve this is via a competition. IF you are already running something on social media then make sure to tell your email group because they are more likely to sign up to your social media interactions if they have the chance to get something out of it.

If you need a really big push then you could run a competition for your email group that only new followers are eligible for, something that you only share with that email group. This makes them feel like they are part of an exclusive group and equally will push them to join your wider community.

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