How To: Quick Guide To Email Marketing

How To: Quick Guide To Email Marketing

Email marketing may not seem like one of the better options in today’s technological world, however can still be very, very effective. Think about this for a second. There are 74 trillion emails sent per year, which is an astronomical number, and shows just how underrated email marketing really is.

1. Enticing Your Headliner

The first thing your potential customer will see is the email title. This is important, as you want it to fit the theme you’re trying to preach in the actual email but need to market it in a such a way, it acts as advertising.

So, how do you do that exactly? Well, ideas such as having the title a question such as, “Is YOUR Garden Safe from This Insect?”, is a good way to intrigue your reader. Also, giving the reader a sense of urgency, as you must act now, is another way to bait a quick click.

Overall, there are plenty of options to entice your reader in the header of your email. It all depends on what your subject matter is, and how you want to approach readers. Also, keep in mind, how you introduce your product or service is important, as it will directly display on your company’s image.

If you need some further ideas check out my previous article ‘The Best Subject Lines To Make People Read Your Emails‘.

2. Offer Interaction

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is having customer satisfaction. One way to offer this is to have interaction amongst your consumers. This can be done via emails by asking for their feedback. This can be how they like the product, and/or what you as a business can do better, in any aspect.

Also, another way to offer interaction is to suggest links inside the emails. This can be for forum discussions, to surveys, or what have you. Practically anything you can think of to link out that involves conversation is always a good idea.

3. Clean Presentation

Finally, one last final tip I’d like to share is overall, how you present your email. One key aspect is to keep the paragraphs to a max of three sentences, and having it organised, and good spacing. This will be easier to read on the eyes and is visually more appealing to the viewer.

However, presentation just doesn’t lie in the text. If you decide to use images in your emails, which you should, as they aid in presentation, make sure they are top quality. Also, placement is key for photos, as you don’t want to have its role become an eyesore and just in the way of reading.

Remember, on average, the reader will look at an email for around 15 seconds, and that number will continue to go down. It is all about capturing the reader’s attention and the window for error grows smaller by the day. Make sure to keep your emails short, concise, and organised to have the best chance of having success in running a marketing campaign via emails.

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