How To Use Local Terms To Boost SEO Traffic

How To Use Local Terms To Boost SEO Traffic

The world of SEO is an ever changing landscape so keeping up-to-date is key to staying in the game. On of the current battlegrounds in the SEO competition is local listings. Her are some tips to help you boost your local traffic through your site.

The title matters

Getting the title of your page right so that it had maximum effect when it shows up on a search page is an art form. You have around 50 characters to get your message across so to really boost your local traffic get your locations up at the front of your title right next to you major keyword.

Get your details on to as many local directories as possible

Don’t miss out by not making use of directory services like YellYelp and FreeIndex. This is one of the first places many consumers will look for services, so make sure your details are available and correct.

Claim your ‘Google my business page’

This is a big one. It will drive sales in a big way. You will need to claim you business by going to and then verifying your physical address with the second of a pin that will be sent through the mail to your business. Once you have done the make sure to complete all the relevant details in the listing. Google is the first place people turn to when they are looking to find a service so you are missing out if you are not part of their directory. Bing also have a directory, so while you’re at it, get on their system as well!

Keep looking for new places to list your name address and phone number

Every month look for any new sites that might be listing local information. The more sites you have your name, address and phone number listed on, the more back links you will create and therefore the higher your business will appear in search rankings.

Get yourself mentioned in high profile local publications

The more places you are linked to the better you are going to do in the search rankings. So build some relationships with local journalists. If you can get your business mentioned and linked to by a local branch of a major publication then you will see a massive boost in traffic.

Cultivate a positive online reputation

Reviews can make or break your business. The majority of people are swayed by reviews, and 7 in 10 customers will leave a review of asked. So ask your customers for reviews and then make sure you take the time to respond. Do not leave reviews unanswered, whether they are positive or negative, make sure to be seen to respond promptly.

Start a blog

A blog is a great opportunity to reach out to you local customers and offer them valuable content that is directly linked to their needs and wants. If you are regularly providing content that is directed at local consumers you will find your website is more strongly favoured by the search engine’s algorithms.

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