How Well Do You Know Your Website Visitors?

How Well Do You Know Your Website Visitors?

When you set up a website you do so with the hope that it will drive sales in increase the number of contact you are able to make. The main problem with this is the fact that only 2-3% of the people that visit your site will actually make contact with you. This means that most of the people who are interested enough to take a look what you offer are not following through. Since they have left no mark on your website other than to clock up the visitor count you have no way of contacting them.

  • Visitor tracking systems allow you to find out some of the details about these visitors and you can learn a lot from the information they do leave you.
  • You can follow their paths through your site to see what they are interested in and at which point they leave your site. This will allow you to optimise your content to encourage them to stay and
  • You identify their location to see who is being attracted to your site. This may help you to identify if you have localisation issues. If you offer an area specific service but all your traffic is from another country then you have a problem. Knowing that can allow you to improve your site.
  • You can identify that your site has had multiple visits from a single IP address. This can suggest that a business is considering your product or service. This information is invaluable for your sales team. If you reach out to the business it can convert a few anonymous visits into a lead and hopeful a sale.

There are a number of platforms (including the one we offer) out there that can analyse the traffic your site receives and turn it into real, actionable information. LeadForensics is a company that offers to find direct contact information for the anonymous visitor to your website. This include the details of the company they represent and the names of the people at that company who are the actual decision makers. The idea is that you can provide contact lists to your sales team, so they can develop real leads.

Act-On offer a similar service which include real time alerts about visit from specific people. If you are waiting for a potential client to engage with your website, act-on will alert you when they do so and allow you to know what they looked at. This means that when your sales team makes a follow up call it will much more tailored and relevant and won’t just rehash things they already know.

Visitor tracking is a tool that allows you to get a much better return on the investment you have made in your website. There is no point spending money on building and maintain a website when more than 90% of the traffic it pulls it, just walks right on by. The power of visitor tracking is the power to turn your website into a supercharged lead generation machine. It is a way to take analytics to the next level – If this is of interest and you would like to discuss the possibilities please get in touch!

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