How you can make your business succeed in a digital world

How you can make your business succeed in a digital world

There are three key features to learn in order to gain an insight into digital marketing; Social Media, Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation. In order to learn more about these three features we recommend you attend our 1 day course, An Insight into Digital Marketing. It is important for businesses to invest in the training of their internal staff in order to increase efficiency, motivation, job satisfaction and morale among employees which in turn results in financial gain and enhanced company image.

Social Media is a must for any business; it helps build relationships with other businesses as well as their customers. The reach of Social Media continues to be a huge benefit as businesses can interact with their target market through a multiple of platforms 24/7; this is beneficial for customer service enquiries as 90% of businesses respond to queries through Social Media which means happy customers!

Google Analytics is also incredibly valuable to the commercial success of your business as it tracks the behaviour of the visitors to your website, based on the statistics you receive this could determine whether your website needs a new layout or if a certain page is disinteresting to customers and therefore you should get rid of it. Great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to ensure your website is ranked high within search engines, through keyword research and link building you can drive traffic to your website which will lead to conversions and a bigger Return on Investment (ROI).

Become a Digital Marketing Guru!

Another constructive use of your time is to attend networking events such as MK City Expo, either exhibit or attend this unique event which will provide you with the chance to meet over three hundred directors, senior managers, potential customers and strategic partners and generate qualified leads. In addition they will be holding seminars and workshops and have event speakers. Find out more here.

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