Improve Your Social Media Activities With Chatbots

Social media marketing is an effective way to reach your market. Connecting to the world over the internet is as important to your business as traditional marketing. Companies that use social media see a marked increase in sales, and your business would be no different.

Attractive, active social media accounts give businesses more opportunity to reach their customers, and it’s time for you to take advantage of it.

Setting up social media accounts, running them, managing them, and monitoring them on a daily basis can be a huge undertaking. As social media profiles grow, they become even more difficult to manage. Customers will send you messages, comments, and you still have to make new posts.

To meet the rising challenges of your social media messages you can hire new people just for social media management. This is an option. Hire as many extra people as you feel necessary. Alternatively, you could outsource to a Digital Agency and/or you can do what plenty of other companies are now doing: Employ chatbots.

Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate conversations with human users. They respond to messages automatically, resembling actual human responses. The chatbot is powered by rules set by your company or marketing platform and is powered by some artificial intelligence.

The chatbot is interacted with through a chat-based interface. Chatbots are much more powerful than the original bots used in messaging history (think of the SmarterChild bot from the AIM days. Not incredibly sophisticated, but very popular). Bots have made a comeback in recent years.

The more sophisticated AI Chatbot can be used for many different things. On Facebook there are weather bots that can tell you the weather of your area. There is Cleo, the bot that tells you about your spending for the month or year. When used for your social media accounts, the possibilities are endless.

Chatbots automate your services on your social media accounts. You have your choice of the two main types of bots: Rule-based or artificial intelligence bots. Rule-based chatbot can respond with pre-planned responses based on the input they receive.

The AI bots are better for your social media, as they evolve and intelligently maintain a conversation. It is possible for people to be unaware of the presence of a Chatbot instead of a person. Chatbots can answer questions, direct your customers to your website, or guide them to specific products that may fit what they say they’ve bought before.

Programming your chatbot with all the information about your business, your products, and your services can take some time but is well worth the time investment.

The Chatbot you choose for your social media can be acquired one of two ways: Build it or buy it. If you have people who are technologically savvy, they can create and program the lines of code that operate a Chatbot (or use a service that helps you build one for yourself). If you don’t have that person on staff, there are many pre-developed Chatbots that can take over your social media operations or it could be beneficial to outsource this process to an experienced Digital Agency.

Whichever one is best for your business, get yourself a Chatbot and get the social media growth your business deserves!


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