LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index and its taking the SEO world by storm. LSI Keywords are a new wave of technology that is helping SEO experts achieve high ranks and it’s because SEO is becoming much more synonym focused and less keyword focused.
LSI keywords exist to make your content sound more like natural and properly constructed content. The result of this is the search engines eat it up, giving your content high rated search results coincidentally making happy search engines and happy content writers in the process!

So, how does this affect my business and my website?

Well, take for instance your website was selling a range of scarf’s and you want to rank high for the term “scarfs”. The likelihood of that happening is low because of the many kinds of heavy competition you will have to rank against.
LSI keywords work by recognising specifics in content. If your site is completely based upon scarfs but doesn’t mention the specific kinds of scarf you offer, then LSI wont rank your site high but by simply categorising your products, LSI tells Google your content relates to the keyword “scarfs” and the more content the more trusted it becomes. So get writing!

So why should you use LSI Keywords? What are the benefits?

  • By using LSI keywords you can help fight against your content being blocked as spam. This can be because Google thinks you’re filling your content with too many keywords. This is a method called “Keyword Stuffing” and can negatively affect your SEO drastically and depending on the amount of stuffed content, you could face bigger penalties.
  • Search engines are now including the presence of LSI on your website when it indexes it. If it recognises that your web content has LSI keywords in it then it will rate your content higher. With better quality content comes more website views!
  • Lastly, LSI can use up to 6 keywords in a phrase-like-form allowing you to change the praising when content is written but still being able to target the correct users making specific search queries.

In conclusion, LSI is hitting the SEO world hard and after this article we hope you understand it enough to put it into effect on your own website!


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