Meet The Journalists At The Shard, London & Enterprise Nation


Meet The Journalists At The Shard, London & Enterprise Nation

On Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Meet The Journalistshosted on the 24th floor of the beautiful Shard building in London, organised by Enterprise Nation. Chloe (One of our team social media managers) and I had the opportunity of being flies on the wall in the lives of 6 well established journalists who shared their experiences, tips and advice.

After jumping on the train from Milton Keynes where our digital agency‘s office is based, we headed off to The Shard. The evening started off with a drink whilst meeting the friendly attendees of the event and of course taking a look at the impressive views from the 24th floor!

Lizzie Slee did a fantastic job of hosting the event which kicked off with a meet and greet with the journalists where we got to know a little bit more of what they do and their current roles.

Liam Kelly, a business reporter from The Sunday Times highlighted the importance of having an exclusive story, once a subject has been published they rarely revisit it, so getting in there early could secure you the spot. Not to forget the point he raised – “If you pick a PR, don’t pick an annoying one” hounding a journalist with email after email, even when sent from PR agencies or freelancers will give the wrong impression, so if you don’t get a response, take a different approach.

Oh, and the best time to email would be mid-week because, as he mentioned, no one from The Sunday Times works on a Monday!

Elliott Haworth, a business features writer from City AM spoke about the most effective means of getting in contact with a journalist like himself, and by phone isn’t the way to go about it. In big corporate newspaper offices, the phones are hardly ever answered so, email, email, email, that’s your best chance!

But it’s not as simple as that, you have to ensure you have a bold and punchy subject line, a short but informative piece of writing and most importantly, why your story should be picked!

During the evening Elliot made his feelings pretty clear on the font Comic Sans, it caught his attention but not for the right reasons. Always review what you’ve written, one wrong move and you could put the reader off entirely.

Tim Verney, a freelance journalist who was previously at The Telegraph had a great point about a good strong image and how it’s often overlooked. A great image (high quality) can speak for itself, so if you have them, include them as it really could be what swings it for you! Almost all the journalists mentioned that on a day-to-day basis they receive emails within the hundreds, if you haven’t had a response, follow it up!

Deborah Cicurel, a freelance journalist writing for the likes of Grazia, Vanity Fair and The Telegraph made a great point regarding PR, often people employ a PR team because they fail to notice that the team surrounding them may already have the knowledge and the skillset to do in-house this rather than getting someone in specifically for this job. So, take a look at the options around you, could you utilise your own team more?

On the other hand, she mentioned that it’s important to know when you may be stretching yourself too far and saving money but halving your time just isn’t worth it! Providing budgets allow, sometimes employing a team to do the job right and efficiently can be the best route for you and your business.

To finish off the evening the audience had the opportunity to ask the journalists some questions and we got to hear some personalised advice straight from the professionals.

All in all, it was an inspiring and thought-provoking evening. It was interesting to get an insight into what the journalists look out for when selecting their next big story. Wording and delivery is key. What’s your BIG STORY?

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