MK Digital Marketing Agency Sees Light At The End Of The COVID-19 Tunnel

MK digital marketing agency sees light at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel

MK digital marketing agency sees light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel

There are growing signs of optimism emerging amongst the business community. This is the view of leading MK digital marketing agency, 123 Internet Group. Although the devastating coronavirus pandemic has yet to run its course, businesses are already noticing a marked increase in customer enquiries. This sense of positivity has characterised business’s response to this crisis. So much so that 123 Internet are looking to expand their experienced team.

Economic crises are nothing new. Global recessions come and go with almost predictable regularity. Throughout history, health crises too have caused global devastation – though less predictably. However, today’s crisis is unique in its universal impact. Almost every corner of the globe has been affected. The health and economies of nations are suffering in ways few predicted just a few months ago.

However, the response of many businesses has been considered, mature and positive. This is the view of Scott Jones, founder and leader of Milton Keynes based 123 Internet

“This has been a tough time for so many people. Many have suffered ill-health or loss of life. Some have, of course, endured loss of income, either short or long-term. And, of course, businesses have suffered massively. Some sectors, such as hospitality, have found the going especially tough. However, throughout our broad spectrum of clients, we’ve detected a generally realistic response to the crisis.”

Keep heads above the parapet

In times of crisis, positivity has long been a marketing mantra. Historically, businesses who keep communicating, maintaining a consistent, positive message are most likely to prosper in the post-crisis era.

Scott said: “Certainly, among our clients, we’ve detected an almost universally positive response. Businesses are using their ‘downtime’ to reflect, to re-assess and to refine their marketing strategies. It’s not been a question of spending more in the majority of cases – rather a matter of taking a fresh, often innovative approach.”

A culture of support

The 123 Internet Group is an established digital marketing agency supporting local, national and international businesses. This notion of ‘support’ lies at the heart of the company culture.

Scott continues: “Over 15 years, we’ve earned a reputation for being both innovative and supportive. Throughout the current crisis, it’s this approach which clients have appreciated most. But we also extend this supportive ideology to our own people. Since the start of the crisis, we’ve been able to keep everyone on board, avoiding both redundancies and furlough. We do all we can to look after our team – and they certainly look after us.”

Expanding the team

The positive culture of 123 Internet is bearing fruit. Not only have they kept busy supporting clients throughout this crisis, but they’re also in the happy position of expanding their creative team, and have begun recruiting for two new full-time team members – a Social Media Manager and a Creative Designer.

Scott Jones concludes: “We’re fortunate at 123 Internet to have remained busy during the last few weeks and months. We feel both grateful and privileged to be in a position to extend our team of digital marketing specialists. The short-to-medium-term economic future may not be smooth, but, without doubt, for many businesses, there are clear grounds for genuine optimism.”

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