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Milton Keynes Lightning

MK Lightning is one of the UK’s premier professional ice hockey teams, proudly representing Milton Keynes in high-octane matches that both captivate and entertain fans across the region.


With a rich history and an unwavering commitment to excellence both on and off the ice, MK Lightning has firmly established itself as a beacon of sporting prowess within the British ice hockey community. Beyond the thrilling matches, the team is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community spirit, engaging with fans through events, outreach programmes, and youth development initiatives.

Their website, www.mk-lightning.co.uk, serves as a comprehensive portal, providing fans with the latest news, fixtures, results, and insights into the world of MK Lightning. As ambassadors of the sport, they not only champion the game’s excitement but also its ability to bring people together in celebration of shared passion and local pride.

As the Official Digital Partner and a proud Platinum Sponsor of MK Lightning, we have been instrumental in catalysing the team’s digital evolution over the years. Through a confluence of expertise, innovation, and dedication, we’ve shaped and maintained a strong online presence for MK Lightning, ensuring the team’s digital strategy is as dynamic and impactful as their performance on the ice.

Here’s a snapshot of our contributions during the past seven years of being their Official Digital Marketing Partner:


We’ve crafted a bespoke, user-centric website for MK Lightning that mirrors the energy and passion of the team. Emphasising seamless navigation and responsive design, the website provides fans with an intuitive platform to stay updated, purchase tickets, and immerse themselves in the world of MK Lightning.

At 123 Internet, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke web design services tailored specifically for Milton Keynes Lightning. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of the team’s identity and goals. We collaborate closely with Milton Keynes Lightning to create a website that is not only visually striking but also highly functional and user-friendly. Our designs incorporate the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that the site is responsive across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

We prioritise SEO best practices, so the website ranks highly in search engine results, attracting more visitors and potential fans. Additionally, we integrate features like a comprehensive fixtures calendar, player profiles, and ticket purchasing options to enhance the user experience and keep fans engaged and informed.

Social media

In the realm of social media, we’ve harnessed the capabilities of AI to refine MK Lightning’s content strategy. Providing access to our platform and partners Sprout Social, MKL utilise predictive analytics which enable us to gauge trends, ensuring that posts are both timely and resonate with fans. Automated scheduling, tailored to peak engagement times, amplify the reach of every update, event announcement, and highlight reel.

In supporting Milton Keynes Lightning’s social media presence, 123 Internet takes a strategic and data-driven approach. We develop content plans that align with the team’s brand voice and objectives, ensuring a consistent and engaging presence across all social platforms. The MKL team curates high-quality posts that include live match updates, interactive polls, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, designed to foster a deeper connection with fans – all supported with graphics and assets to align with the brand.

Brand & Creative Support

Our creative brigade, with the aid of AI insights, has developed compelling visuals, videos, and promotional materials that embody the spirit of MK Lightning. Each piece is not just a testament to the team’s prowess but also a beacon of our dedication to resonating with the fans on a
personal level.

Our creative support services are designed to provide Milton Keynes Lightning with a cohesive and compelling brand identity. At 123 Internet, we offer a wide range of graphic design services, from creating eye-catching marketing materials to designing digital assets for social media and promotional campaigns.

Our creative team collaborates closely with Milton Keynes Lightning to produce visually stunning graphics that capture the essence of the team and its events. We also provide video production services, from filming to post-production, to create engaging videos that highlight the excitement of the games and the team’s dynamic spirit.

Whether it’s designing merchandise, producing promotional videos, or developing graphics for sponsorship promotions, our holistic approach ensures that all creative elements align with the team’s branding and marketing goals, enhancing their public profile and strengthening fan engagement.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our sophisticated AI-driven algorithms have been pivotal in amplifying MK Lightning’s visibility on search engines. Through meticulous keyword research, content optimisation, and ongoing monitoring, we’ve ensured that the team consistently ranks at the top for relevant searches, drawing in organic traffic and fostering an ever-growing fan base.

AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing: Central to our strategy is the innovative use of AI technology. By analysing vast data sets in real-time, we provide actionable insights and strategies, allowing MK Lightning to navigate the digital landscape with precision and agility.

Over the years, our partnership has transcended traditional client-agency dynamics. As staunch supporters and collaborators, we remain committed to further elevating MK Lightning’s digital presence, ensuring they continue to shine as luminaries in the British ice hockey community.


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