Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – A Beginner’s Guide

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – A Beginner’s Guide

Once you delve into the realm of

What is 


This is a term you may come across after in reference to penalised or de-indexed by search engines, which will basically kill your website.

How To Make Your Website 

In a previous SEO article I explained the top six points you should focus on to improve your website and make it

  • Use headlines and sub-headers
  • Use links internally and externally
  • Long form is working well on Google
  • Visual content is king
  • Write high-quality content

How Often Do Things Change?

I previous wrote an article around the various Google Algorithms and what each one meant to

Avoid The Common Mistakes

Even if you outsource your previous articles but these include:

  • Local
  • Too Many
  • Poor Content
  • Wrong Audience
  • Short Content
  • Poor Research
  • Poor Headlines
  • Cluttered Site

Do I Have To Run 

When developing a website marketing campaign, Search engine optimisation (

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