SEO 4 – Why Search Engine Marketing Is Necessary

SEO 4 – Why Search Engine Marketing Is Necessary

Having SEO will help the search engines understand your website a lot more and it’s content. Even though search engines are extremely smart they still struggle to understand websites the same way that we do. So the SEO makes it easier for people and search engines to understand the website.

You may wonder why someone would create a search engine that is not able to find websites and information off the internet without these websites having to follow rules in order for it to been understood. But unfortunately the internet has massive amounts of information, so if the search engine is asked to find a specific photo then it will struggle on its own without any SEO.

For example us humans may describe a photo of cat as a “Black tom cat sleeping on the chair”, the search engines will not be able to understand the photo to this level of sophistication. SEO helps the search engines understand the websites by providing them with “clues”.

You must know the limitations of the search engines to be able to build a proper format and annotate your web content in the best way so that search crawlers are able to understand it. Sometimes the content on the website may not be written how people would actually say it, therefore when people search for the term they know, the search engines will not be able to retrieve the content from your website if you are using uncommon terms. Limitations of search engines to do with content and language within the website to the query match are easy to avoid when you understand the ability of the search engine to match the query with the content.

There are some spidering and indexing problems which you will need know to help with the SEO. Any link structures that are not very good will lead to you website’s content not being reached by the search engines. Also if your website has any online forms such as a login then the search engines will struggle to complete these, therefore will not be able to reach any information which may be hidden behind them. Knowing the limitation will help you know which aspects of SEO you will need to use.

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