SEO 7 – Usability, User Experience and Content Affect

SEO 7 – Usability, User Experience and Content Affect

When search engine provide results, they always try to provide the best possible results to satisfy the searchers. The sites that they consider the most satisfying usually will be:

  • Easy to use and understand
  • They will contain relevant information to the query
  • Contain legitimate information
  • Look professional and accessible to modern browsers

Humans are able to understand information such as videos, text and images in a way that search engines can’t. We have such advanced understanding of content within a website that we make search engines look bad.

For search engines to understand the content as well as us they rely on meta information about the websites and web pages so that they are able to rank the content for the searches. A search engine is able to measure their success by looking at how you engaged with the pages that they have provided for your search.

The search engine is able to record if you click on the first website and then immediately hit the back button to try another website. The search engines are able to understand that you were not happy with the first website. Therefore they are able to collect positive results by seeing which websites have had visitors that stay on there longer. After millions of searches a day the search engines are able to collect all the data and judge how well they did on providing results for all the

You have probably heard this a million and one times but creating great and useful content is vital to SEO. A query given to a search engine will be to either; find, buy, learn, fix, treat, solve or understand. Depending on the query, the search engine will provide the pages that will satisfy that specific search with the most useful and relevant content.

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