SEO Hidden Tactic! Get to the top of rankings today!


SEO Hidden Tactic! Get to the top of rankings today!

It’s been a while since anything made instant dramatic changes to the
rankings found in Google and Bing. The latest announcement on forums show a new
“SEO tag” which added to pages can dramatically change your websites
positioning. A simple piece of code that lets webmasters tell search engines
where their pages should rank, even before competitors.

Thousands of webmasters
are already taking advantage of this new trick and gaining massive changes in

The change is simple and can be made in minutes. If you do not know how to
edit your websites html, immediately get in touch with your
SEO agency and ask
them to place these “SEO tags” in every page of your website.

The new tags which appear within your tags found at the
top of the web page’s html code. The new “SEO tag” helps Google and Bing
reorganise it’s results instantly based on the parameters found under the
tags. Setting the query=”your keyword” allows
you to specify the chosen keyword – remember you can only choose one keyword per
page! The next paramenter set_to_postion=”number here” allows you
to set the position you wish to appear in.

If the keywords you have selected have high competition and other websites
have already taken advantage of this new “SEO tag” then you should also add the
additional line of code must_be_before=”your competitors domain name”.
Adding this additional tag allows Google and Bing to reposition sites based on
the order of competitors domain names.

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