SEO Is Just Like Exercise – Article

SEO Is Just Like Exercise – Article

This Friday just gone, I was getting ready for the gym from work and but looked at my schedule and realised I had to write a blog article for the weekend. After various scheduling it came down to two things, would I rather go work out my body? Or work my brain’s creative juices? I decided on this article seeing as exercise is a lot harder and I tend to be lazy when it comes to exercise.

So here are the similarities I’ve noticed between SEO and Exercise.
You can trail exercise and expect to come out with result that will last. The same is with SEO. Thinking about joining a training boot camp to try and get rid of a few pounds? Either you won’t lose weight or will lose the weight you wanted to lose BUT if you don’t continue exercising afterwards then you will put the weight back on. The same is for SEO. If you only deploy your SEO for only a short amount of time, it will only give you good results for as long as you keep doing it.

When you’re exercising you should be toning your whole body and to do that, you have to incorporate many different exercises into one routine to properly maximise your body’s ability. SEO is the same, it needs to be shaped and moulded into the perfect campaign that affects the areas that will reap the biggest reward.

With exercise, there are plenty of “cheat” and “quick” ways to lose weight, from diet pills to shakes, but for a lot of people it doesn’t work. It’s the idea of being able to do one session at the gym and walk away with abs that could deflect a bullet, what is impossible. It’s the same for SEO. Through perseverance you will see results. You have to want to put time into your SEO campaign and that’s how you’ll get the best affects.

In Conclusion
Exercise is very similar to SEO in the way to you should approach it. If you want the best results for your body and your SEO, perseverance is key.

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