Share Your Updates With The Latest LinkedIn Video Marketing Feature

Share Your Updates With The Latest LinkedIn Video Marketing Feature

Linkedin has recently launched a new video marketing feature allowing ‘selected’ users to upload native video through its app. Videos can be uploaded like a comment in a similar way to Facebook. The videos can be taken vertically or horizontally and will play automatically when browsing and provide access to analytics such as view count, likes, and shares.

LinkedIn is also adding their own spin to the video feature by sharing information about video viewers. This information includes where the viewers currently work and their job titles.

Video content is now a major role in engaging people and social platform giants like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat know it all too well. It’s surprising why it took so long for LinkedIn to finally introduced this feature.

LinkedIn originally invited more than 500 influencers to share their thoughts on trending topics, covering a whole range of subjects. Having tested this new feature, it looks like a worldwide launch is taking place!

Although the possibility to create video is only currently available for some users (including myself and some of our clients), we hope that we all can get it in the near future.

How does it work?

When someone you follow posts a video, the video will appear in your feed like any other normal comment. Clicking on the video, will then focus and play the video and from here, you can choose from a carousel of more videos. Of course, engagement is part of the game: you can like a video, leave a comment, respond to other members, and also share it with your connections.

LinkedIn is one of the latest social media platforms hopping on the ‘ video’ bandwagon, but it still stands a chance to be a major player in the space even with the recent unpopular updates. With the platform being known as the business social platform of choice, the video feature could serve business owners and more established brands better than Instagram or Facebook.

How could you use it to promote you or your brand?

Product videos: Why not demonstrate your products up close by creating videos that show how your product works, or how it helps people?

Behind-the scenes videos: like other platforms, why not share videos about your business or employees?

Brand values and CSR: If you want to share your brand’s core values, culture or social responsible activities why not share a video of you or your team in action?

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