Should you be writing a blog?

Should you be writing a blog?

Well… Yes. To put it simply, if you don’t already have a blog then you’re missing out. Writing a blog is a great marketing tool that is often overlooked. The basics are easy, share what you’re learning and share it regularly so potentially customers can easily find the information they want. There’s loads of information out there, and I mean loads! Every 18 months, the total amount of data made in the history of the world doubles, and that rate is growing! (Information provided by Entrepreneur) So it can be extremely difficult to stand out in this ever growing ocean of information.

Search Engines are smart, once you have finished writing a blog and you add it to your site, the search engine bots run the information through their algorithms, your page is then ranked, and you will receive a higher grade for proper grammar and spelling as well as the popularity of the content. Your website is far more likely to appear higher in SERP’s if you have a blog on your website compared to if you don’t.

Don’t stress too much about writing a blog, the more you write the easier it becomes. Once you start, have a go at writing about your business, your success, failures and lessons learned. Having said that, like most things it’s about quality and not quantity, marketing is important but so it running the business. In a perfect world you should be writing a blog and posting more often than your competitors but only if your content is up to scratch.

Think of it like this… Your blog is a watering hole where animals come to drink, the more water, the bigger the watering hole and in turn the more animals that come to drink. The same applies to your blog. The more posts you have, the more people will visit your site.

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