Simple Ways To Boost Your Business’s Social Media Presence

Are you struggling to get noticed and gain followers after you’ve created your social accounts? It can be quite devastating when you’ve spent lots of time to create content and images for your platform, yet nobody is seeing them. There are simple ways to increase your visibility on social media, but you have to consider what your set goals are and what you want to achieve in the process. By having this objective you’re able to work towards success and measure your interaction on the way.

So, some ways to boost your business’s social media presence are…

Promote your social platform as much as you can. You may think ‘how’ but it is quite simple. Get all your employees to like and share the platform, get your friends and family to do the same. This gives you a good foundation to make your platforms look more lively and active, also it gives a good local presence of the company. This is ideal as your existing customers can like your pages as well. Make sure all your social accounts are connected to each other, that way they are all connected and easy to find.

Identifying your audience and knowing what kind of people they are and why they would approach your business is important, as you’ll know what role you need to play in order to gain their interest and attention. By justifying what your target audience is you can design what kind of content you need to post out, the way you’re going to express your voice, the information you let out, the timing of the posts and which type of social media sites will actually benefit you.

One of the worst mistakes someone can make on social media is acting like a robot. Although you are a business you have to remember that nobody will be willing to like and share your page if it is very robotic and strictly business. So acting human and talking casually to your customers is the best way to fully engage with them and build a relationship. Replying to their comments and messages is another way of engagement, as it makes people feel like they are talking to a person and not the company as a whole.

Don’t just keep posting out content off your site, be creative! Customers will like and share content that they want their friends and family to see. Putting content such as happy quotes, friendly jokes or news related to your company will increase interest and will make people more curious to look on your site. Being active on your social media shows your company is also just as lively. Whenever you click on a page and it’s a ghost town with posts from a month ago you loose interest. The best way to keep up with this is creating a weekly schedule of what you should post out.

Once you believe you’ve got the whole social media down, you need to make such your using tagging. This could be a ‘hashtag’ or ‘@’ someone into a post so more people see the content. By always keeping on track on what’s trending on social media you are able to tag it into the post, getting you more views.

Most of all, keep it visual. Make it exciting, if you enjoy the content then most likely other will as well. The best way to really get an idea of what type of content to post, is looking at successful social media platforms and analyse what they are doing and how you could interoperated it in your own way.

When you are in a busy company it may be hard to find time to effectively manage you social accounts. By outsourcing to a marketing agency such as 123 Internet Group, all your social platforms can be handled at lightning speed and never leaving your customers disappointed!


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