So, what social platforms should your business be on?

So, what social platforms should your business be on?

Social media is so widely used across the world and will only continue to grow. Branding a business on to a social media account is a great way to gain interaction and awareness, overall making your business grow.

Before you jump on to every social media platform, you need to decide which ones are right for you and your business. Some ways to help narrow the social options down would be to look into every social platform and determine which ones will be more valuable to your company. As if your company sells a lot of products, it would be ideal to use a platform that presents images well.

Never sign up for a social platform just because they are popular, it’s better to sign up to a good 2-3 and not a poor 5-6, as not only will it save you time but it will be more efficient! Many companies can find it hard to find time to post on social media, therefore they forget about it, so a plan can really help you stay focused. If create a clear plan on what type of content you want to post out and when you want to do this, by planning ahead your social platforms won’t go quite and sway to the side. Some of the most effective and most popular social media platforms are…

Facebook is a must for any business, the platform itself offers many ways to promote a business. You can create a business page, where you can get organic local customers to like and share content to spread the word of your company. Face book is by far the biggest social media platform out there, but the downside is you have to keep posting content everyday to keep your page active. If you want proper engagement you can pay for optional features on your posts such as boosting them and targeting them to your customer base.

Instagram is very widely used and is a photo sharing platform. It’s a great way to get a visual and personal feel of your business, giving potential customer a better relationship with your company. Though Instagram is an app based platform, it is free to download but it doesn’t work well on the web.

LinkedIn is one of the largest networking social platforms for anyone with a profession or within a business. It is highly recommended to use this if your company is business to business. LinkedIn is a more serious site to use, so it’s strictly business and sharing business related content. Joining groups is such a powerful feature as it gives you great connections and can really get you noticed in the business world if you do it right.

Twitter is a talkative platform, it’s for those who want to spread the word or seek out information. Twitter has a feature called the hash-tag, and by tagging in important words your posts will reach a higher audience, this is good considering their limited character count. It’s a great way to connect with customers and keep them happy.

All of these above will boost sales by advertising, boost the brand awareness by content promotion, enhance customer service levels by creating a sense of community and increasing customer retention as you’ll be offering support to your customers online when they need it.

Once you have developed an aim and a focus towards your social platforms, eventually your business will start getting the attention it deserves. Most importantly all the follows will be organic and have a general interest in your business, giving you more customers and income!

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