Social 3 – LinkedIn

Social 3 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular professional social network platform. LinkedIn connects colleagues within a business with each other and businesses with potential or current employees, allowing communication within the company’s community and sharing content between each other.

LinkedIn is a way for people to build and showcase their professional profile and resumes. People are able to connect with others that they are working with or have worked with in the past. LinkedIn is also a very useful place to looks for jobs and allows employers to search and filter candidates based on their specification.

LinkedIn is commonly used to create business to business leads and is a great platform to do this on. It can generate three times the conversion rate of Twitter or Facebook or any other platform. This can all vary though depending on how well you maintain your company’s profile. Keeping your company page up-to-date is extremely important to help generate leads.

LinkedIn is a great way for companies to establish themselves as an authority in their specific area which can build trust with your current customers as well as prospective customers. There are features on LinkedIn which allow your company to stay up-to-date with users’ professional networks.

LinkedIn is based on a person’s professional interests and pushes business values. This makes a common interest on sharing business related updates and news as well as a chance to create business to business leads.

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