Social 4 – Google+

Social 4 – Google+

Google+ is one of the most recent social media platforms to come around in 2011. Google+ has its own unique features such as Hangouts but it has also collects features from Facebook and Twitter for its own use. Unlike other social platforms, Google+ acts as a social layer across all of Google’s own properties.

Seeing as Google is already the leading search engine, using Google+ as another way to link to Google’s pages has ensured they will still be at the top. Google+ is used similarly to other social networking platforms, however Google+ is able to be customised a lot more than other platforms and is a lot more flexible which will meals the users are able to enjoy Google+ with more people in more relevant ways.

A feature that seems to be very popular with marketers and companies is the Hangout. Hangouts allow the users to communicate with other users by voice and video without having to download any new software, which we all know can be a pain.

Depending on whether your target audience is using Google+ then you will be able to measure your success. If your target audience have not yet made the jump to this platform then you will need to find a way to target the already existing users with your content without spamming or harassing and whist doing this you will have to keep checking to see if your audience have appeared on Google+.

The content you decide to share with your audience is extremely important. You need to be able to get people interested and give them a reason to follow you. If you want to aim your content at a certain audience then you can with Google+. Make sure you use this to your advantage and be as creative as possible to get their attention. As with all social media platforms you must be able to engage with your audience if they are responding to your content.

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