Social 5 – Twitter

Social 5 – Twitter

As most of you know Twitter is a big part of the world’s real-time information. It is created to only allow users to post a Tweet as longs as 140 characters, keeping posts short and sweet.

It is an easy way for users to find any information from breaking news to celebrity gossip. Businesses are now starting to join Twitter as another way to promote their brand and messages they may have.

To ensure you are using Twitter for your business successfully there are a few tactics you may need to take on board. Firstly you need to make sure whatever you share on Twitter is relevant to your business and sells your brand, as you are limited to 140 characters.

Ensuring you have consistency throughout your interactions with users on Twitter is always important and consistency will mean you are able to build more of a relationship with your audience. The name of your account and all your profile details are filled out is crucial, these will also need to follow your brand guidelines. These details will be the first thing the users will see so you need to create a good first impression as this will dictate if they are going to follow you or not.

The whole of your profile should accurately reflect your entire company. Twitter is a fast moving platform and so it is extremely important that you are responding to your interactions as fast as possible. As your business grows you will have a lot more engagement to respond to so you may have to figure out how much you need to tweet so you can handle the amount of interactions.

No matter what social media platform you are using there is one common guideline which must be followed, do not spam. If you are pointlessly mentioning users in your tweets just to gain their attention then you are most likely going to lose followers as this will be seen as annoying. The same with hashtags, if your hashtags are irrelevant to your market they will also be seen as annoying.

Relevant tweets and spam-free tweets is what your company should be sticking to. Direct messages are always a good way to interact with customers when concerning private details such as address and numbers. You will need to make sure you don’t send any automated direct messages as this can be considered as spam and is less personal to the user.

Scheduling posts can be extremely helpful as you can set certain tweets for a specific time and date. This can help you save time for responding to interactions or anything else. You will need to make sure that if there are any times of crisis such as a global disaster that these pre-scheduled tweets are turned off and you relate to these situations for your audience.

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