Social 6 – YouTube

Social 6 – YouTube

Over the past few years YouTube has become more than just a place to watch funny videos. YouTube is now one of the biggest search engines and is a springboard for online fame. YouTube is a great way to be able to share content as record speeds.

YouTube is very similar to other networking platforms in regards to its features such as being able to follow other people but these are called channels, uploading content, commenting and liking others content. YouTube is able to show adverts for both itself and others within the video creating financial sustainability for them as well.

Many businesses chose to shut off their comments due to many comments on YouTube being meaningless and many of them will be from trolls, this is your choice though, you may want to see what kind of interaction you get from the users. If you do this make sure you don’t ignore them, engaging with the users will help the image of your business.

The content of your videos is always important, you want to make sure you upload videos that are going to grab your audience’s attention. Some ideas that can make the best videos are the how-tos, these can offer your audience help or guidance on how to use your product. Another great idea for a video is the exclusive content, this could be a video of any promotional offers or exclusive news from your business.

If you do decide to let people comment on your videos you will need to make sure you engage with your audience as if not you may start to be prone to receiving spam comments. If you start to notice any trolls within your comments you need to remember you are acting on behalf of your business.

Advertisement is a great advantage of YouTube, getting your advertisement right it can be revenue-producing. The advertising needs to make a big impact for this to happy and will also be determined by the customers experience with your content. YouTube makes it easy for you to upload your videos but when it comes to filling out the information, that’s when the hard work kicks in. You will need to consider both SEO and people-optimisation when filling out this information.

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