Social 7 – Blogging

Social 7 – Blogging

The internet has become so much easier for people to use these days that even people who have little technical experience can start their own blog using a variety of different platforms. Blogs have become so common and are now read at such great rates that it’s difficult to find exact numbers to how widely distributed blogs are.

Each blog has its own objective. They’re run by all sorts of people from individuals to companies. Blogs can cover pretty much any topic you can think of which all fall into some kind of category.

Corporate blogs are written by a business for its customers, they are usually found on the company’s website.

Personal or diary blogs are written about that person, what they’ve done, what they plan to do which targets friends and family usually. Professional blogs are usually written to make profit, they are there to try and generate sales. Community or communal blogs are there to share news in a particular geographic location, in a town or a village.

Your blog should be written to create authority within your industry. The most common way for this to happen is having a self-hosted blog which will be an extension of your company’s website. Frequency is another key point to creating a great blog. The worst thing you can do is to start a blog and then not maintaining it. You don’t have to blog every day but blogging regularly is important so that your readers can see you are putting in the effort to give them new information.

As said many times before, engagement is crucial. It’s always good for readers to see comments and conversations between you and the audience. Spammers all ways look for unchecked comments so you should always keep an eye on what is being said.

The content of your blog is extremely important and needs to relate to your industry. This can be quite difficult to create the right kind of content, the best way for it to be done is to stay creative and think like your readers.

  • What would they like to be reading about?
  • What can your company help them with?
  • How can your company entertain them?

With a bit or research you can answer all these questions and create the best blog for your customers.

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