Social Media Advice Hour

Social Media Advice Hour

As a Full Service Marketing Agency, we get a lot of clients that are just looking for a little guidance… especially on Social Media. A big part of our ethos is educating other businesses, we don’t do “sales” we simply want to show you how to make marketing work for you. You might not need our services, and that’s fine, but an hour could make a big difference.

So we are offering an “advice hour” and that’s all it is… A hour of our time to run through your Social Media. This could be anything from a few suggestions on how you could improve your current social accounts and what sort of content you should be posting, to not having a social presence at all and what accounts you should be setting up.

It might be that Social Media and your industry don’t mix well but that does not mean there aren’t things you should be doing.

The point of this…

There is a reason we’re so popular, is because we know our stuff and what we do works. That’s it. If we can show you this, we hope you are more likely to use our services, but if not… it doesn’t matter.

If you want to know more, contact us via Social Media, our website or give us a call on 01908 231 230

*current rate: £75 an hour plus VAT

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