Social Media & Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – Why Do You Need Both?

Developing your Social Media presence and optimising your SEO results go hand in hand, and this article will explain why it’s best, but not crucial, to implement both in your marketing strategies.

We will put forward the importance of blending these approaches if possible but will consider each approach and their importance as well.

Keep reading for useful statistics to help inform the best approach for you and your company.

Why Does Search Engine Optimisation Matter Today?

There is much discussion on the significance of making your business as attractive as possible, especially on big search engines such as Google, notably in our pandemic-focused world. To demonstrate the significance of implementing a search engine optimisation strategy, let’s look at a staggering statistic by BrightEdge, which says how ‘68% of online experiences begin with a search engine’. This demonstrates the importance of attracting people and customers to your company by making it rank well on search engines.

What is the Role of a Search Engine Professional?

One difference between social media marketing and search engine optimisation that might be crucial in your decisions, is that hiring a search engine optimisation professional (SEO professional) can be slightly more expensive than a marketing manager who will focus on social media. This is because unlike marketing managers, SEO professionals use technological algorithms to develop the presence of your business. They are also going to spend a long time analysing the market that you are in.

Whilst marketing managers do a similar thing, to compete with other firms on top search engines like Google, a complete market analysis must be undertaken to ensure that you are reaching those top search results. The importance of this is supported by a study from Backlinko, who say how 0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page. This already demonstrates the importance of getting to the top of those results, something which a social media manager or a marketing manager does not focus on.

Why is it bad to Solely Rely on SEO Professionals?

However, there are significant drawbacks to solely relying on SEO professionals. Whilst they can focus on making sure that you have a stellar search engine result on Google or Bing, they are unlikely going to be able to go as in depth in marketing your business through social media avenues, a strategy that is crucial in this post-pandemic climate, which could actually put you at a disadvantage.

This is not to disregard the importance of SEO professionals; however, this article argues for a more combined approach. Figures by Statista show that ‘Nearly 50% of the world’s population uses social media. That’s over 3 billion users worldwide’. Whilst it must be understood you are unlikely to reach 3 billion users, this is an immense audience with a lot of potential users who may be attracted to your ideas. We will now talk about the importance of your social media presence to support the importance of this blended approach.

Why does Social Media Presence Matter Today?

The current circumstances placed on the world by COVID-19 has completely revolutionised the way the way that we do business. This has heavily impacted the importance of remaining competitive in the industry of your choice. Statistics by Pew Research Center shows that ‘74% of Facebook users check it daily’. This introduces us to the huge opportunity of developing and implementing an in-depth strategy for marketing your business on social medias such as Facebook.

What is the Role of a Social Media Manager / Marketing Manager?

Social media managers and marketing managers will take an in-depth study of your industry and the significance of the use of social media in your industry and discover the best ways to make your company as competitive as possible. The strategy implemented in doing so, however, is certainly different.

Social media managers and marketing managers will study the strategies used by other businesses in your industry on areas such as Facebook and Instagram and use this in ways that your company will benefit from. They will pay key attention as to what grabs an audience, and what dissuades them, and implement this into strategies for future promotions.

Managers dedicated to promoting your social media presence likely have previous experience as to how best to promote your business using these online platforms as well. They are likely to understand statistics such as those by Quartz, who have said that ‘A Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021’. This allows them to introduce critical knowledge on these social medias, such as the importance of video marketing which SEO professionals may not be able to provide.

Why is It Bad to Solely Rely on Marketing Managers / Social Media Managers?

Whilst marketing managers are able to provide in depth marketing strategies to best promote your business, optimising your presence on search engines is also a crucial part of marketing your business. Only relying on these managers can be a bad idea, as you are going to lose a heavy amount of traffic if you only prioritise this approach, once again proving the importance of this blended approach.

Why Is It Good to Create A Combined Approach?

However, whilst we have clearly discussed the importance of both of these potential strategies, it is important to consider the ways that these two strategies can implement with each other.

For example. You may have your SEO professional focused on promoting your social medias on these google searches, and not only your company website, which can be a quicker way of getting people attracted to your content. If the SEO professional has done an in-depth analysis of the market and has implemented the proper algorithms to ensure that your company’s Instagram page is reaching the top of search engines in response to key words for example, you are going to be able to reach a much broader range of people.

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