Social Media: Top Resources You Should Know About for Marketing

Social Media: Top Resources You Should Know About for Marketing

There’s no doubting social media’s effect on today’s marketing schemes. There are countless resources out there that are available to aid you in your marketing efforts in the social media world. There are many, many resources available, but today, we’ll be able to slim down the list to perhaps the best for those looking to start or expand on their marketing campaigns.

These resources listed today will not only help you in your marketing for social media but can apply in other schemes as well.

Google Trends

Want to stay relevant in today’s face pace world? Well, finding out what is trending across the globe is certainly a great way to do so. With google trends, you’ll be able to see how to relate various posts to today’s world. This of course should result in quite a few more eyes on your post than usual, especially with the help of hashtags.

Headline Analyzer

The title suggests exactly what it does…analyze different headlines to make sure they are worthy enough to draw someone’s attention into your post. This is helpful when you have quite a bit of information in a single post and want the full attention of the reader.


Klear is a marketing resource that will aid you in finding people that have a general interest in what you offer. It has great features, such as setting the level of person you are aiming for and will help you set realistic goals to obtain, giving you a sort of “path” if you will, to follow.


If you want to discuss or reference something popular in today’s world, but aren’t exactly sure what is going on, BuzzSumo is your place. This site offers a ton of quality information with both pictures and videos of current trends. It will show you what has been shared the most as well, giving you the ability to be creative on your approach when posting.


HubSpot is quite possibly the best and most informal blog you’ll find for social media information. It’ll give you everything from how to start the basics of social media marketing to the more advanced techniques. The how-to’s are really beneficial for any marketer, and I’d recommend subscribing to the newsletter!


Overall, there are countless resources out there available to you at your disposal. However, these few resources given should be more than enough to start your journey towards your marketing campaign on social media platforms.

As a reminder to just how well social media marketing is helping companies:

With these facts, you should be able to see just how effective social media can be for any business, large or small. If you are looking for help or support, training or a team to management your social media for you – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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