[SPAM] Your Netflix Membership has been suspended

[SPAM] Your Netflix Membership has been suspended

This morning when scouring my emails for the diamond in the rough, I noticed an email from my favourite procrastination provider Netflix. Much to my dismay, the email subject line read “Your Netflix Membership has been suspended”. All the nights staying up till 3am watching Being Human flashed before my eyes. I scrolled down the email and had a look at it properly.

Something isn’t right. It looks similar to Neflix but the logo looks slightly pixelated. The wording, the Netflix we know and love wouldn’t permanently suspend your Netflix account because you forgot to pay. I didn’t have enough money one month to pay for my Netflix and my account was frozen, not permanently suspended.

Next I noticed the design of the “continue” button. Being the sceptic that I am, I hovered over the button to see the link.

“Continue” with this link and you will forking over your billing information to someone other than Netfix.┬áBe warned these days, spam has been getting very smart and to the average user this could potentially have worked. Remember to check links, read it properly and if it seems off then it most likely is…

Written By Connah Hardy
SEO and Development Manager

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