The 10 Types Of Content That Work Best For SEO

The 10 Types Of Content That Work Best For SEO

SEO works with many content types and will continue to evolve its uses over time. Here are ten types of content you may not have known SEO works great with!

1.Long-form Articles

Despite being classic, one of the formats that work best for SEO remains long-form articles. These articles are typically over 1,500 words and are packed full of information. Due to the length of the articles they are easier to fit long tail keywords in more organically.

2.Short-form articles

Short-form articles are, like you would imagine, smaller versions of long form articles. They typically run for 500 words and provide short bursts of information. These articles advantage lie in link building and boosting rankings by linking to high authority sources.

3.How to Articles

Where’s the first place people go when they don’t know how to do something? Google. Without a doubt the internet is most people go to when they’re looking for information. By having how to articles on your website you’re going to bring in a lot more traffic and also show people you know what you’re doing.

4.Use Listed Content

Articles and blogs with titles that are lists such as ’10 ways to…’ or ‘7 times…’ are statistically more likely to be looked up on google. This is due to people normally searching in defined terms and also due to Googles algorithms. Listed articles are easier to digest and as such are also more likely to be shared.

5.Create Guides

A great way to hook people in is by attracting them with guides that they’re interested in learning from. Guides not only draw in potential clients but demonstrate that your company knows what it’s doing.

6.Product Reviews

More often than not people search out peer reviews on a product or service before engaging with it. This is because we tend to trust that if peers have experienced something we haven’t then they will be able to advise us on it. Showing positive reviews inspires confidence in others.


Information graphs are a great way to impart a lot of information quickly in a concise and easy to read format. Due to the convenience of presenting all of the information in the same place, people are more inclined to share infographics. When making information graphs make sure to use relevant data, display statistics in numerical form and in description form and use eye-catching images.

8.Video Content

Video marketing has gone crazy in the last few years. People tend to engage and share videos much more readily than written content. By including a written transcript with your video you’ll not only have easily accessed shareable content but also get keywords hit off of the transcript!

9. Podcasts

Make sure not to leave any area untapped. Podcasts are the often forgotten about but they can be a valuable tool in increasing your SEO value and growth rate. Especially considering most people don’t take advantage of this area, make sure to tap into the market.


Memes have become increasingly popular over the years. Either for a quick laugh or to emphasize a point to friend’s memes are created and shared at ridiculous rates. If you’re creative then a meme can be a great way to share information quickly. It needs to be good though if you want it to go viral.

I hope you found the above information useful, and remember if you need any assistance with your SEO strategy please feel free to get in touch with our agency. The team and I are happy to help and offer advice.

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