The Best Worst SEO Advice – Article

The Best Worst SEO Advice – Article

These days if you want to be outstanding in your field, you have to constantly read up on new techniques and changes, especially if you work in the Search Engine Optimisation industry. The internet is full of common misconceptions when it comes to SEO what makes it a lot harder to actually find proper advice. Today I want to share with you some of the best WORST pieces of SEO advice I have found, so we can debunk them!

Duplicating Content Doesn’t Matter.

Duplicate content refers to content that is either a complete match or very similar to the original content. If you are caught doing this, Google will penalise you by reducing your Google rankings that relates to that content and in the worst circumstances get that page taken off of Google SERPS!

Go Keyword Happy (Otherwise known as keyword stuffing).
When trawling online forums for new ways that algorithms have changed the SEO game, I have noticed on piece of advice that keeps rearing its ugly head… “When you create content, make sure to absolutely cram every keyword under the sun into it, placing a keyword jammed into every URL, META tags, META descriptions, paragraph, etc.”. This is NOT RECOMMENDED. Using variations of one keyword over 2-3 places on your webpage is completely fine to make it obvious to Google the topic of the page. Over-optimisation will end in penalties and eventually tears.

The Website With The Most Backlinks, Wins The Race.
A few times I have come across the pearl of wisdom that is “The website with the most back links will be the best ranked website”. This is the wrong mentality to have when thinking about your websites SEO. You should be focussing on the quality of the links and not just the quantity and as demand for more links rises, the quality of the links will eventually drop and Google sees it as a “spammy” tactic.


It’s clear to see that the web these days are filled with false SEO strategies, it just takes a little knowhow to pick out the fakes and I hope that I have given you an understanding. Stay safe out there!

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