The Future LinkedIn for Company Pages

The Future LinkedIn for Company Pages

Sparsh Agarwal, Product Manager for LinkedIn Company Pages has given customers an exclusive look into what they can expect LinkedIn to look like in the future.

LinkedIn customers can expect a new design that ensures social networking is a much simpler process, a dedicated admin experience that allows in-line editing and an expanded analytics dashboard that helps you optimise performance and measure the impact of your content.

You will still be able to Showcase Pages and continue tracking the performance of your Direct Sponsored Content in the ‘Updates’ tab and you will still be able to post content to and sponsor content from your page. Everything that is already existing on your page will be moved over to the new Company Page but you should make sure you have your cover image ready and have updated your profile picture, and include a tagline to ensure you will be all set for the new changes!

LinkedIn have also stated that you will be able to switch back and forth between the new and old admin experience until they release the new designs to all LinkedIn members and that if you have any changes or suggestions you can use the ‘Product Guide’ button of the new admin view.

If you haven’t yet got round to setting up a Company LinkedIn page, LinkedIn is a great way for your company to establish yourselves as an authority in your specific area, this can build trust with your current customers as well as prospective customers. If LinkedIn is something you wish to set up but don’t have the time, here at 123 Internet Group, we provide a service that does all the work for you! If you’re interested in this, contact us today through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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