The Importance of Business Cards

The Importance of Business Cards

There are 3 main selling points to a business. The first is you; you represent the company when meeting clients and when out at networking events. The second, you’re website. When someone searches for your company on the internet, your website is the face of the business. But the third point is always overlooked… You’re business card.

The human brain naturally remembers faces easier than names. Sometimes you need to make life a little easier, hence the business card! But it’s not about just having one; you need the right design and information to actually make it worth having. A Business card is always working for you, no matter what.

To start, you need your logo to be clean, simple and obvious. This is the face of the brand. Next is the information you use, this is key. You need your name, title, the company’s phone number, Website and Email; the client will almost certainly go away and search for your website, and they might have thought of a few questions to ask. If they have to spend loads of time searching Google and filling out a contact form they might lose interest, and you lose the sale.

Okay so you have a great logo, you include all the information you need but… It’s boring. Think about it, potential clients can receive hundreds of business cards from hundreds of different people. The chances are they don’t remember any of them. You need to stand out! Having a design that is different and attractive but also memorable will give you the edge over the competition.

Finally is the actually standard of the card itself.  Your image is reflected by that small piece of card. A Solid card means a solid service.  Of course you can buy basic business cards for very cheap, but take a moment to consider what sort of message you are sending out if you hand over a tacky card. Invest a little more cash and save yourself the headache later on.

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