The Real Cost Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing – Can You Afford Not To?

The Real Cost Of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing – Can You Afford Not To?

It is fairly safe to say that in our ultra modern and digitally enhanced world – it won’t be long before Digital Marketing replaces Traditional Marketing altogether. Technological progress is the name of the game nowadays, and even our homes can be controlled by our phones.

Online advertising, in app advertising, online sales and online data collection have become the staples for the modern day business…and if you don’t keep with the times you and your company will be left behind.

So, let us imagine that you have your own company and your own Traditional Marketing system. What exactly are you missing out on? There are numerous benefits to Digital Marketing but mainly you are missing out on online sales, brand awareness and growth, the ability to build brand and company loyalty, lots of free advertising and even more advertising that’s not free but literally costs you pennies.

To advertise your business with a short video that runs during a well known app will cost you no more than a few pounds per two thousand impressions. Digital advertising is cheaper than television, radio or newspaper advertising, and has a greater return on your investment.

So with all of these possibilities at your fingertips, can you afford not to take the chance? On average modern big brand companies are investing at least 41% of their Marketing budget towards digital ends, a figure set to grow steadily for the foreseeable future. As a side effect of a strong online presence you will notice your customer base grow, and that those new customers have better lines of communication with you. If something goes wrong with a product it is far easier for them to type up an email than it is to sit and compose a letter.

Without a good Digital Marketing strategy you might find yourself suddenly cut off from the new generation of Smart Phone clients too.

In an effort to present to you the effects of bad Marketing I found a few articles, mostly hilarious, but none that seemed to quite iterate the point. There is a difference between a bad Marketing campaign and having no Digital Marketing strategy whatsoever. In this day and age you must have a social media account at the very least.

So why outsource it? Well, why outsource anything? You could try to construct a website yourself and spend three hours each day regularly updating online statuses – or you could pay a professional to take care of it for you. It really does depend upon how highly you value your time. However, when compared against how much you will save in running Traditional Marketing campaigns – there really is no comparison. The costs don’t even come close.

Hiring a professional Digital Marketer to do the work for you is no different to hiring a programmer to write software or a technician to work a camera.

To summarize then; Digital Marketing will save you money and outsourcing it will save you time. Simultaneously you will expand your client base and build your brand.

The question remains then… Can you really afford not to outsource your Digital Marketing to a pro? I’ll leave you to decide.

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