The Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using!

The Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using!

If you are involved in the Digital Marketing business in any way, shape or form- then you are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas that you can take away and use as your own. There’s no denying that Email Marketing is up there in importance alongside online advertising and Search Engine Optimisation – but only if it is being done correctly.

Without further ado let’s take a closer look at some Email Marketing Strategies, and see if we can’t inject some fresh Digital Marketing ideas into you!

Email Strategies You Should Be Using:

  1. Send your Emails between 8pm and 12pm. In an Experian Marketing Services Report it was determined that emails sent between these times had a higher click through rate. You can read a blog suggesting other ‘science-based’ tips here and also view the Experian Report itself here.
  2. Personalise your emails – even mass ones. Use the customers name and use your own signature. There is some dispute about whether or not this method increases or decreases trust, but with 70% of big business not personalising email there is no questioning that this will make your company stand out.
  3. Automated or ‘trigger‘ emails work. These are emails sent off automatically whenever a customer interacts with your site. They can detail products recommended for the customer and do a bit of targeted marketing on your behalf.
  4. Offering incentives via email can entice a customer to buy. Encouraging them to review with a gift is a good idea. This works twofold; the customer feels valued and also gives you a review which you can use to advertise your product more effectively…a nice round bonus for all.
  5. Segment your customers email addresses. Try applying demographics to your customers. In this way you will be more likely to target specific customers than without segmentation. You do not want to be trying to sell skateboards to old ladies, for example.
  6. Content Marketing… This works by filling the email with interesting content that the customer only has access to on particular conditions, if they buy a certain product or view an article.
  7. Build up your email list with enticing offers, special promotions and by encouraging clients to share your pages. For a detailed article on how to list build you can visit this page, courtesy of
  8. According to, using kinetic emails increases the click through rate. This simply means adding a GIF or other moving pixels to your mail. This is set to be a big trend in the future.
  9. Create Calls to Action regularly and ask your clients to share them far and wide. This will generate interest in your page and often has the dual benefit of supporting a charity too.
  10. Create a Series! We’ve all seen famous television ads where you long to know what happens between characters – this can be done through email with a few personal stories.

Hopefully you’ve found these 10 strategies useful, but don’t forget these are just examples and may not be suitable for your campaigns or customers. If you use a strategy not listed here, please feel free to comment below and share your knowledge.

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