Top 10 Social Media Content Sources You Should Know!

Top 10 Social Media Content Sources You Should Know!

When it comes to digitalisation, a good social media strategy is key to promoting your company in the best possible light. To keep on top of the game, you need constantly evolving social media content which stays ahead of the curve – and helps your online presence stay interesting, engaging, and ready to draw in those all-important likes!

We put together this list of the top ten social media content sources that are available online – and that you should know about. If you don’t, then this is your opportunity to do some research! Read on to find out more…

1. The Company Blog

According to online magazine Forbes, the first place you should look for interesting social media content is towards the company blog. The double benefit of this strategy is that you are actively directing your clients back towards your homepage in order to read it. If you have even a twenty percent engagement rate then you will be laughing all the way to the bank!

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is a nifty little webpage that makes it easy and speedy to create your own infographics. Why do you want to do that? Many people are visual learners and will engage much more with a visual than they will with pages of text. Infographics are easy and fun, as well as being informative…and now it has never been easier to design your own…

3. Pinterest

You really, really, should already know about Pinterest. If not, head on over now and make an account. We’ll Wait…

Good. Now that you have taken care of registration you have access to billions of photo’s, videos, infographics, recipe’s – all you need to do is credit the source when you use it and you are good to go!

4. YouTube

Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the last ten years then you already know what YouTube is. So use it. Videos are entertaining and draw in large audiences. Make it go viral, alongside your brand.

5. is a brilliant website that exists solely to help you create genuinely awesome content. You simply sign up, pick a few subjects that relate to your business and scour the genres for interesting content. It actually couldn’t be easier…

6. Reddit

Reddit is a massive online community of users who are constantly uploading new potential content. Take yourself over there and learn how to find the content that applies to you through using Subreddits, and you’ll never be short of content again!

7. Your Customers!

Sourcing content from your customers is likely to always be entertaining. Put on a competition and watch those videos flood in. You’re welcome…

8. Tags & Comments

If someone tags you or mentions you in a comment it is only a small step from there to positive content. Retweet them, add a comment and you are done.

9. Inviting others to join in!

If you invite other people to come and guest for you, or if you have news articles already running on your page, you can use these to make content. Interviews will work particularly well as they will attract the other person’s fan base to your brand.

10. Stock Photography

Stock photography is an excellent resource that, once invested in, you have the rights to use again and again. Never post a status again without a professional photograph attached…it just gives the impression of professionalism that you don’t get with amateur work.

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