Top Welcoming Messages to Use on LinkedIn With Connections

Your opening message on your LinkedIn is actually more important than one may think. It is the first impression you give of yourself as a professional. First impressions are crucial in leading to big things in the real world, and LinkedIn is no different.

#1- Personal & Friendly

Once connected to someone, being friendly is obviously important for every message. However, if you are personal, such as asking how they are doing, showing appreciation in their interest in you, etc…You’ll automatically make them feel welcome. The quicker you have someone warmed up to you, the better.

Of course, though, don’t go too off topic for whatever you are wanting to discuss, as that can lead to confusion. With confusion, can come feelings of awkwardness and overall, just bad communication, which you want to avoid at all costs.

#2- The “Peace” Offering

Another great way to spark interest in a connection is by offering something. Whether that be a service you can provide, giving tips on something, sharing links, or what have you, it will make them feel that you genuinely care. It also shows that you are of course, giving, which in return can lead to them doing the same. Although that isn’t your priority to get something in return, it can be an added bonus to your friendliness, and securing the conversation in your favour.

#3- Asking Questions

A great tactic to spark a life in a conversation, is to ask a question pertaining to the subject matter. This will not only engage the other person in conversation, but about the topic you truly want to discuss with them. This cuts out the small talk and is for more of the people who want to get right down to business.

Be careful with how you handle this approach, though. For example, make sure you are friendly to start, and possibly ask them how they are, or something along those lines. Not everyone will appreciate someone else being straight forward, so you must be weary.

#4- Double-Checking

With this message, be sure to see if there is anything else you may do or help them with. This approach ties in a bit with the peace offering but is not as direct. With this method, you are being more non-schalont, and just checking up on the individual to see if there are additional services outside of what has already been established.


Overall, there are over 467 million users on Linkedin, so you will surely connect with many individuals over your course, so the first impression you make is highly important. Again though, just be weary in your approaches.

In fact, make sure you have a good knowledge of gesture customs, as 71.5% of users on Linkedin are located outside the United States. Many of the users are from Asia, Africa, and Europe, so being aware of greetings and gestures in foreign countries may be a good idea before clicking send on your first message.

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