Understanding Your Digital Marketing Metrics, Measure And Monitor

Any budding or established business person will be able to inform you of the importance of Marketing – and Digital Marketing is simply the extension of traditional Marketing means that is devoted to the online masses.

To further specify then; Digital Marketing Metrics are systems by which Digital Marketing can be broken down into sections and monitored for performance. If you have an accurate idea of your own Digital Marketing Metrics you can go on to measure and monitor not only your reach- but also how successful different aspects of your Digital Marketing strategy are.

A company that understands it’s Metrics and has a well performing Digital Marketing strategy is the ideal to us all. In this scenario online sales an conversion soar and the whole Digital Marketing process is streamlined. Though something that we all aspire to – unless we know a little more about Metrics and how to measure the statistics your company will be fumbling around in the dark.

There are many metrics you can use to measure your online productivity

The most popular of these is to measure traffic through your website. One of the most popular tools for this is Google Analytics. A free tool, offered by one of the giants which can be installed quickly and easily.

The data collected from this type of measure can be split based on any further information you gather… What percentage are male to female? What percentage are visiting certain parts of your website? Where do visitors leave your site? By doing this you can break down your customers into groups of specific individuals who will demographically be interested in the same products or services.

There are many other different Metrics you can use. You can track mobile sales, click-per-view ad rates and click-per-load ad rates, you can measure in click through rates and traffic sources to see which perform better – you can even measure the bounce rate or the amount of time which visitors spend viewing your page!

The benefits of effectively measuring such trends and being able to break them down is limitless in terms of product planning in the future, and such market research has become a very valuable commodity in today’s market. We found an interesting infographic that we think explains it well.

If you are still at a loss then don’t panic!

There are literally thousands of Digital Marketing companies out there who will do the legwork for you for a modest fee. There is nothing wrong with hiring someone else to do something that is extremely time consuming, thus freeing you up to tend to more important business.

Companies, such as ours offer competitive rates and partial to full services, meaning you could entrust the entire online running of your company to them and they would streamline it all for you, leaving you with an online presence that is professionally established and very hard to deny.

We would always recommend you understand the metrics and data which is collected. There are lots of courses and workshops available which will enable you to learn and understand these – one such Google Analytics workshop is provided by our local Chamber of Commerce.

To conclude then; Digital Marketing is a wonderful tool all by itself, but if you add in the ability to measure the success of said marketing you are in a better position to monitor what will work and what won’t in the future.

Digital Marketing is best done by outsourcing or by handing its care over to the traditional Marketing team – provided some of them recognise its importance. If you must do-it-yourself then check out this handy guide.

In the meantime hang on in there… your ultimate marketing goals are easily within your reach!

Scott Jones is the CEO of 123 Internet Group, a full service digital marketing agency with a head office in Milton Keynes and further locations in Northampton and London we support a national audience with web design and development, search engine marketingsocial media management, hosting and email services. For more information about our services or advice on how to improve your online marketing activities please reach out and connect with us via our website or our social media channels.


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