Using Social Media To Reach Your Audience

Using Social Media To Reach Your Audience

Using social media as a means to reach your audience is no longer something that can be ignored. Nowadays, you don’t have an option to decide whether or not you’re going to jump on Facebook—you just have to do it.

Though many people complain about social media and prefer to live out old-fashion ways, if you don’t jump on this, you, your company, and your business might not last.

It’s just the facts. This is the way of the world, and it’s time to jump into the world of social media.

Why you need to use social media

Using social media is a great way to interact with your audience/customers.

The number one thing about social media is that you get instant feedback from your followers, subscribers, and/or customers. Whether this be in the form of polls on Twitter in the form of an Instagram story, or even just by asking a question and reading the comments.

You can learn all about what your audience likes or dislikes about a new product or service in seconds. It’s the power of social media, and knowing what exactly your customers are into. You find out what types of pictures they like, what stories touch them the most, and in which method they prefer to buy from you.

It is in social media that they become loyal customers

Social media for business is all about experimenting, yes, and seeing what your followers or subscribers are into, but there are some set rules that your experiments should revolve around. Don’t get me wrong, feel free to break the rules, but if you want to reach your audience, there are a few sure ways to do this. (Sure ways if you do it right.)

There are a few major platforms that just about everyone is on (whether your audience is on all or just a few is important to know). The bigger ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Whichever platform you decide to use, you need to learn everything about it, and go all in.

Find out what content types work best

Facebook audiences like, share, and comment mostly on visual posts, anything that helps people out, videos, and quotes. Videos, according to Hubspot, should be less than 2 minutes.

Pinterest is all about colourful, eye-catching images. Whether it’s art, a quote, or a blog post title, it has to catch people’s attention. Twitter is about creating stories, whether they’re funny or serious or in between, it needs to be content worth retweeting.

You can get very creative on YouTube. Whether you want to make Q&A’s, informational videos, vlogs, skits, or just about anything else you can come up with, depending on your audience, viewers enjoy a variety of things.

Instagram is all about images. Though most would think it’s videos, they do get views, but according to Sprout Social, “Instagram photos generate 36% more engagement than videos.” Whether it’s a quote from you or anyone else or a picture of anything deemed “aesthetic,” as long as you’re using the correct hashtags, you can get copious likes.

Stop thinking about it too much, learn a bit, and jump onto social media.

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