Video Explained

What kind of video should you be using… now that’s a toughie!

You want to add a bit more ‘ooosshh’ into your content marketing and video is the way for you to do that, but do you use an explainer video, a video testimonial or maybe an animation? There are loads of options out there, and that’s the problem. It can get a bit confusing and so we wanted to clear a few things up.

Explainer/Tutorial Videos

For most businesses, this is the starting point. Allowing your customers to actually see what they need to do and guiding them through hard concepts has a number of benefits. These videos help to build your businesses authority and establish trust with your customers.
Not to mention the all important “how to” themes in search results, by using video for these especially competitive searches you will find it a lot easier to gain rankings in comparison to traditional organic.

Culture Videos

There are a lot out there, but if done right, you can really stand out. Customers now care just as much about why you do something as they do about what you actually do. By giving your customers a more personal connection to the business you help to stand out from the crowd. Sharing the personal side of the brand, show off your team and your culture.


Sharing the good experiences your clients have had working with you or how your partners have benefited from your collaboration or even what your team likes the most about the company are all powerful ways to establish social trust. Show that your worth it, prove it from previous experiences, evidence is key.


Typically this is what you think of when you talk about video marketing. It’s a more creative type of video, animation provides you with a more visual and emotional experience, a lot of the time, this gives your brand that wow factor it needs.

That’s just a few, but you get the idea. If you would like a little more information, come in for a chat and we can answer any questions you may have. Oh and don’t worry, it is literally a chat, no fees and defiantly no hard sales!


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