Ways to Keep Your Tone in Check When Writing Business Emails

Ways to Keep Your Tone in Check When Writing Business Emails

As we all know, you have to set the correct tone for whatever you’re writing, from emails to social posts to instant messaging. It is easy enough to get misunderstood or mis-communicate through any format when writing, and we all want to minimise being misinterpreted at all costs. When it comes to writing business emails, we have to be aware of choosing the right words, staying formal and professional. You can achieve this by remembering a few simple steps.

Beginning with a greeting is the first rule of writing a good business email. Starting with ‘Dear’ before the recipient’s name or surname makes a friendly approach, or if it’s a more casual relationship then a simple ‘Hi’ followed by the recipient’s name is also equally acceptable. Following this rule, when the recipient replies you can say ‘Thank you for your reply’ or ‘thank you for your getting back to me’. Thanking the reader puts them at ease while staying polite.

Choosing the right words that express the right tone and emotion with clarity and brevity is an important part of good writing. Using a wide range of words and using specific words in the English language can convey different tone.
Using an effective subject line is important to getting your emails noticed and read. Business people receive around 108 emails a day, so it is crucial that your subject lines are concise specific and actionable allowing someone to prioritise the message.

Avoid using emoticons and informal communication. Although emoticons and abbreviation can be useful in text and instant messaging, but aren’t appropriate when writing formal emails. You would use these with someone you communicate with regularly on a comfortable level. If you want to show your personality in your email, then let this shine through your writing style. Don’t use colourful fonts and backgrounds.

Lastly you always need to proofread your emails to avoid any misspelling and check what you’ve written makes sense and uses the right tone. Always end your email by thanking the reader with either a ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Yours Sincerely’.
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