Ways to Search Google for Information: Part 2

Ways to Search Google for Information: Part 2

Now, we have already discussed some of the advanced techniques you can use to improve your Google search. But now we are going to look at some more SEO related search techniques and tips so that you can find all the relevant information you need. Here are some of the main hacks to help you define your results…

Searching using synonyms…
This method can be very useful when you’re doing research online, it helps you find given information about the subject you have searched for, rather than results that just relate to the search term. To use this method all you have to do is include the “~” symbol within your search. An example of this would be searching “healthy ~diet” and this will come up with information on how to do a healthy diet and useful cooking tips.

Using an asterisk…
We all have that moment when we forget what we are searching or we are unable to recall certain details on what we are searching for. Of course Google can’t read your mind but it does give you an option to help fill in the blank spaces. All you have to do is add in a “*” symbol in the place or the word/phrase you can’t remember, and then the results should come up. An example of this would be searching “The*Tower” when you’re trying to find the famous Eiffel Tower but you couldn’t remember the name.

Searching within a website…
If you are having trouble finding some key information within a site, or a blog post that you know is there but the site navigation might be too big or cluttered so you can’t find it, you can always search for it in Google. All you have to do is insert the websites address and then a phrase or name of the article you want to find, and it should come up in the search results.

When lot’s of words are missing…
If you ever struggle to remember lot’s of words within a phrase, then all you have to do is type in what you can remember and where the words are missing type in ‘AROUND’ and then add in the rough amount of words you can remember within brackets. An example of this would be searching for “All around me AROUND (2) faces”, and the search results would come up with ‘All around me are familiar faces’.

So Google search has a lot of tricks for you to use so that you can advance your search and get better results. Let us know how you get on!

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