Website Design Process

Website Design Process

The website design process has many phases, but they can be broken down in to six simple steps.

The first step of the designing process to your web site would be information gathering. This is a very important stage between the designer and the customer, as it will contain the requirement brief and the purpose of the site. This process can take awhile as a lot of research needs to go into the brief such as the target audience as this will help you define your goals and how you can reach the attention of potential customers.

The second stage would be the planning process. This is the stage where the site map will come together and you will start to see how your site will piece together. At this stage you will also decide what kind of platform you want your site to be built on such as word press.

The third design process will be the designing stage of the site. At this point designers tend to start with creating the home page, this is because the rest of the pages will relate and reflect the same theme as the home page making it consistent. The design of the site needs to relate with the company logo and if they don’t already have one, the designers need to come up with a colour scheme to use throughout the site. The company will be able to view the design process so they are able to make any changes that they want, this can be a long process as the website design could have a fair few changes in the process.

The fourth stage of the designing process would be the development stage. At first the site template will be made and the structure of the site will start to come into palace. This gives the customers a visual of what the navigation and site structure will look like. Then it will be the designer’s job to create the content for the site and putting the design together. Depending on the site size or the features it has this process can take the longest.

The fifth stage would be testing and delivering the site. This process will involve final changes that need to be made to finalize the size. It will also be tested to make sure that all functions work appropriately and the overall design has reached its goals.

The last stage would consist of website support. This will depend on each designer/developer, but most the time companies will have a monthly access to a support team so they can have assistance on their site. This would include website changes or updates.

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