What Is A 3D Virtual Tour And Is It Worth Venues Investing In?

Chances are you have already taken a virtual tour, whether it be through a news or science article or while viewing estate agent’s websites. The use of virtual tours is on the rise and the reason for this should not be surprising. The first and most obvious, of course, is the emergence of COVID-19; but the second, and perhaps more importantly, is the ease and convenience that the Virtual Tour format provides for potential customers.

Simply stated, a virtual tour is a high-quality video that allows the viewer to remotely “walk through” an environment of their selection. The best virtual tours are created by professional organization. And business employing virtual tours in their portfolio overwhelmingly agree that the return is worth the investment.

Understanding the basics of the virtual tour, how they are created, how they impact the potential customer and their overall costs, is a relatively simple matter that we will examine below.

The Basics of Virtual Tours

As the facsimile of a real environment, the virtual tour represents a digital twin to the real thing. For instance, nearly all estate agent companies today provide virtual tours of the homes they have listed for sale on their websites. The process is simple, once you find a living space that interests you, click on the virtual tour and walk through the abode at your leisure.

It all takes place on your computer, tablet or smart phone which means you can take a virtual tour from any site that offers one any time and anywhere you want.

Virtual Tours, The Key to Success.

Virtual tours are effective marketing tools for several reasons. The first being convenience. Convenience is the watchword of modern civilization; our lives are saturated with it. From fast food places to online purchasing to the ubiquitous plastic packaging that all our products are delivered in – convenience is king.

That the use of virtual presentations has exploded in the last decade is a testament to the power of convenience. But there is more to it than that. Virtual tours are immersive, they deliver an aesthetic experience almost as good as actually being there. Being able to tour a home or other living space remotely is a startlingly effective experience.

Lastly, one of the great aspects of virtual tours is the fact that one can take several within minutes of each other. Think of that. Instead of spending an entire day travelling from one venue to the next, your analysis time becomes a fraction of what it would be in the analogue world.

The key to success, then, when it comes to virtual tours is time compression. But the time saved should be saved via a quality presentation or else the effectiveness of the virtual tour is lost. And the best virtual tour providers are stringent on their quality management.

Taking the Plunge, is Investing in Virtual Tour Technology Providers worth it?

No pun intended, well, maybe pun intended, but virtually all homebuyers these days make use of virtual tours. People looking online may just be dreaming of their future but a solid 37% of viable homebuyers right now – and that would be the millennials – first look online selecting their preferred area.

In addition, nearly 75% of other millennials used smartphone apps to locate the home they eventually purchased. What this says is that your online presence makes all the difference. If you want to sell, then being online and employing virtual tour services is vital to making sales.

Think of it this way, essentially all buyers are online these days. That does not necessarily mean that they will make an online purchase, but what it does mean is that their primary source of information as to the quality and desirability of your product is generally determined by their online research.

In other words, every business who has invested in a high-quality virtual tour provider has reaped benefits that far outweigh their initial investments.

Is this Service Worth Investing in?

Any business employing a virtual tour service has unanimously exclaimed that the price is worth it.

People are online on an increasing rate. And most online activity these days, when not Netflix or Amazon Prime, is spent doing research on either various products or searching property investments or holidays.

And the reason for the exponential growth in virtual tour services is that people’s time is valuable – and that means YOUR time is valuable. A virtual tour allows a potential client to view what you have to offer without having to negotiate the difficult logistics of a meeting time.

The Asynchronous Advantage

Perhaps the greatest benefit that the web has bequeathed to us is the advantage of asynchronous communication. Asynchronous communication allows for all of us to effectively communicate with each other regardless of time differences.

Imagine that the only time a prospective buyer can visit your for-sale house is midnight on a weekday. Under normal circumstances the sale would never go through; normal circumstances here meaning your house is worth less that 5 million pounds. Your time is saved. Your buyer’s time is saved.

Yet the effectiveness of a virtual tour ensures that the prospective client observes exactly what they would have experienced during a physical walk-through. Saving time while incurring the same benefits helps everyone achieve their goals.

Is This Service Worth Investing In?

You need not even consult with the investors to know for a fact that it is!


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