What makes Google AdWords effective

What makes Google AdWords effective

If you are a business owner you probably have already heard about Google AdWords, but might not be sure how it works for you or your company. Used correctly it can create extremely effective results for your business. Many find that it is time and money well spent as it delivers a measurable ROI (Return Of Investment). So if you have doubts about Google AdWords, or simply need to know more about it. Here are some reasons why you should consider using it…

Google AdWords is very flexible to use, it gives you the option to customise your campaigns making them more appealing to your target audience. Not to mention it gives you the option to specify keyword match types, this way you can filter out general terms and make your company more reachable. Google AdWords also allows you to add on extensions if you want to display a product image or a phone number. Most importantly the system allows you to narrow down your audience and target the advert at your customer base. This can save you money, as you can have the advert run on certain times of the day or in a certain location.

Even though SEO is a great way to increase awareness of your site it takes time for it to organically grow. So using AdWords alongside SEO is a great way to help speed the process of increasing the awareness of your brand and start getting quicker results. Plus it is easy to do, and anybody can use it.

Most importantly Google AdWords is measurable, you are able to have an over view of your entire campaign and how successful it is. You are able to access tons of PPC metrics, from here you’ll be able to work out what works well within your campaigns and what can be improved on.

If you want to beat your competitor, then Google AdWords is the way forward. Even if they are using it as well, you can still get ahead of the game with higher bids and a better strategy. As long as you’ve done the correct and relevant research for your key words, then you can’t go wrong with Google AdWords.

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