When should you go for a rebrand?

Before you go for a rebrand it’s important that you understand what a brand consists of. Many companies would have to realise that branding doesn’t always necessarily mean the company’s logo or name, it’s about the product’s identity. To discover a product’s identity you have to approach the customers themselves and ask them how they see the brand and what do they expect of the company or product. This way by knowing the thoughts and feelings of the customers, you’ll be able to express what kind of brand you have.

So when does a company need to rebrand? Well first off just because your company has been around for a number of years does not mean you should rebrand, as it can seem like a small task at first, but it isn’t. It is a vital part of your company and shouldn’t be so quickly decided. Before you start making changes and dive head first into a total rebrand, you should consider…

Time to change…

You have to be willing to accept the changes that are going to happen to your company. There will be hard choices at first, as some companies can get personally attached to some aspects within the business. It’s also important to change your way of thinking, so you’ll be able to further your brand instead of going back to the old ways. It can be hard at first to change your mindset, but once you do, you’ll see the positive changes your company will go through.

Deciding the mission…

One of the first steps, before you go for a rebrand, would be deciding the mission. By knowing the goal or focus point of the project, you’ll be able to work out what process you need to go through in order to get there. It must be clear on what you want to achieve, so you can decide what strengths and weaknesses your company holds and work out how they can be used.

Research the competition…

When you’re thinking of rebranding it’s a brilliant time to get ahead of your competitors. By researching their current activity, whether it’s their websites or their latest products and offers, you can get ahead of the game and do something new and fresh. Simple things such as comparing their colour scheme to yours can really help you identify what the problems with your company were. In the process of researching, you can seek out allies to help build your company and improve its growth.

Informing and communication…

In the process of brand development, your colleagues must have some sort of opinion on the matter, as it won’t work if all your employees are not on board for the change. But most importantly as you’re going to change, you have to let your current customers know what’s going to happen and keep them updated in the process. You must be clear on what’s going to happen, this way there won’t be any confusion. To gain more customers in the process it’s an idea to improve product availability, this way you can keep your current customers and gain new ones.

In this whole process you will make mistakes, every business does. The important part is realising these mistakes and fixing them in an according manner until you get it right. You need to commit to rebranding your company, this way you will become that new brand that everyone will follow.


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