Who’s Responsible For Your Digital Marketing?

Who’s Responsible For Your Digital Marketing?

If you are lucky enough to be a business owner or a high-end manager, then you know the importance that is placed on Digital Marketing nowadays. Year upon year it becomes more vital to build your online presence, grow your domain and invest in online advertising.

Like it or not, as we move deeper and deeper into the age of technology, Digital Marketing is going to devour more and more of the traditional Marketing budget… and if your business isn’t on point then you are losing money!

This year the big brand names (such as Google, Facebook etc) have earmarked about 41% of their traditional marketing budget to go towards Digital Marketing instead, a figure that grows annually. To get some ideas of the numbers they are dealing with we found this article, courtesy of Business Insider.

The point is: Digital Marketing has grown exponentially in the last five years. It’s cheaper, faster and more reliable than traditional Marketing and has the added benefit of operating in real time and providing better return on your investment (ROI). If you aren’t doing it yet – you should be… but there’s more to marketing than meets the eye. To be successful you need professionals to perform your marketing tasks.

So… Who is responsible for your Digital Marketing?

The world of online ads has become somewhat of a Duopoly, with Facebook and Google the most reliable and favoured sources for placing online ads. However – that doesn’t mean that online advertising is either straightforward or easy. Just because you can throw an ad together yourself and stick it out there doesn’t mean that you should.Advertising – all advertising – is best done by people who have studied the trends in the markets, who know what sells and what doesn’t, and who can optimise and/or streamline your Digital Marketing services so that they function to maximum efficiency.

Many larger companies now have full time Marketing Manager roles who find themselves undertaking this mammoth task, mostly single handed. There are also numerous companies out there, such as our agency, all spurred on by the demand for Digital Marketing that has been flourishing since the early 00’s, and each one will be able to guide your company safely through the maze of online networks designed to properly promote your business.

Prices are reasonable, package deals are readily available, and you will save limitless amounts of your own precious time by contracting your Digital Marketing needs out rather than keeping them in-house. This is particularly true of small businesses whose owners time is very valuable. By outsourcing your Digital Marketing needs your company will have the dual benefit of a professional service coupled with the reward of more free hours in a day!

There really is no reason to be struggling through it by yourself…

If we haven’t managed to convince you yet then have no fear! The idea of selecting a quality agency who you can safely outsource to might seem like a big task – But there are organisations already in place to help you decide and choose the best agency for you requirements.

In almost every county there are Chamber of Commerce offices, where our agency is based there are two local ones of which we are members – one based in Northamptonshire and the other in Milton Keynes. They both provide tremendous support for their members including training and development on this topic to further help you understand what you should be doing.

Other organisations we’ve been appointed for include Enterprise Nation, since launching in 2005 has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses, and, led by founder Emma Jones MBE, Enterprise Nation continues to be the most active UK small business community and a leading campaigning voice for small business.

Digital Marketing is a current must have – and it is better to invest in a professional now than to fall behind and be left out.

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