Why Content Marketing & SEO Go Hand In Hand

Why Content Marketing & SEO Go Hand In Hand

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. They complement and overlap each other in numerous ways and need each other in order to fully unlock their potential. SEO is narrow and specific whereas content marketing targets a broad range and is more holistic. By combining SEO and content marketing and utilising them together you will increase your traffic and conversion rates. Below are some ways in which SEO and content marketing are essential to each other.

For starters, for SEO you need good content. SEO simply cannot exist without content. SEO relies on there being content and the keywords in that content to connect search engine results with. Content marketing’s job is to provide a broad range of relevant accessible content. This gives SEO the ability to search, rank and share the content with searchers. Content marketing also relies on SEO though as SEO dictates how high up content will appear when it’s searched. Obviously the higher up content shows in search results will make it more likely that people will check it out.

SEO deals a lot in key words, including: researching, utilising, tracking and ranking them in the SERPs. Keywords however, have no meaning without content marketing. Content marketing revolves around making relevant engaging content that utilises keywords they think you’ll be searching for. This connects businesses’ with their target audiences. There is such a thing as over optimisation though so it’s important to remember to have the right balance of SEO and content marketing, i.e. there needs to be the right ratio of key words to content.

SEO also thrives on backlinks and are continuously looking for more. Backlinks are when another website links back to your website, usually to reference content. Getting a backlink from someone like .edu can be a very powerful thing for your site and bring in a new untapped audience. The best way to get a link though is by having a variety of well written content. The more well researched articles you have, the greater the chance someone reputable may link back to your content.

Fresh content is also an important aspect of SEO because of Google and SERPs. Google is always looking to be cutting edge and deliver the newest most relevant information to users. Likewise, content rates higher on SERPs if it’s fresh and appears on a site with historic authority. What this tells us is that content marketing and SEO have to continuously put out new content and connect people to that content in order to keep up with peoples requests.

As you can see SEO and content marketing don’t really work without each other. SEO requires content to connect up to and content marketing relies on SEO to link people up with the content they search for. If you take advantage of these two systems and use them in conjunction then you are sure to see a massive boost to your results.

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