Why WordPress Is a Bad Choice

Why WordPress Is a Bad Choice

There are currently around 74 million WordPress websites live on the internet

That is around one site per person in Turkey, 50% of these are hosted for free on WordPress.com. Now there are huge amounts of developers and web development companies that offer WordPress only services. Now any WordPress developer will try and convince you that WordPress can be moulded to whatever you need, and still offers great performance. However here are a few things you might want to consider first.

A fully functional web portal is driven by revenue; they require a structure that allows for paid content like ads and other marketing. This needs a dedicated backend to manage everything. Now officially WordPress will not run ads on your site unless you receive high amounts of traffic. There is a number of plug-ins available for WordPress that allows limited monetization, but remember this is not an extensive infrastructure. Web portals need a CMS built into the site and put simply, WordPress is not even in the same league.

Some plug-in are not as great as they seem. Most WordPress sites do utilize the amount of third party plug-ins that are available, but the problem comes from the fact that most of the plug-ins are all developed from different vendors. This means the plug-ins integrate well with WordPress but not with other plug-ins.

The backend of WordPress does offer a very friendly user experience for its native functionality but then third party plug-ins get a very limited backend and this often means the controls are compromised. Ultimately this means more unnecessary work for people who actually manage the site.

Now without doubt WordPress is the most widely used CMS, the problem with that, it is also a huge target for hacking attacks and threats. We all know that security is of extreme importance when running a website, especially when dealing with customers and user data. Now considering the security issues involved by running a WordPress site, is it really worth the risk?

Think of a WordPress website as a chest of draws from IKEA, it is great for a cheap solution, but put too much into the draws and it all starts to fall apart. In comparison a professionally build website, even still on WordPress from a professional company who can build custom themes, understand the plugins and help monitor and maintain the site is like a handmade chest of draws made from Oak, its strong, it will last and more to the point you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

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