Why You Need a Professionally Designed Website

Why You Need a Professionally Designed Website

Why You Need a Professionally Designed Website.

Businesses now recognise the ways in which customers are purchasing have changed dramatically in recent years, moving away from traditional mediums with the vast majority now going completely digital (online and mobile). To protect the future growth of your business and its success within your given market place, it is imperative that your digital channels remain relevant, accessible and most importantly, deliver sales to your business.

Websites are quickly becoming the major or often the sole face of a business. Having a professionally designed website is now a must for the vast majority of companies; ensuring not only the design, but calls to action and the user experience are able to help deliver ROI.
A good website can make even the smallest company appear highly professional.

Here are just a few of the benefits of a professionally designed website:


Website security is quickly becoming one of the most important areas of web design. 2016 is expected to see unprecedented levels of cyber crime. With this in mind, making your website secure should be a priority. Having a bespoke site professionally designed and developed with an integrated CMS back end will be much more secure than the standard template platform.


The homepage of your website is where a lot of people will see your company for the first time; the overall design is essential in order to make the correct first impression. In addition, a good design will attract the right customers and clients, when customers are impressed with a design and the site navigation they will be more likely to purchase your services or products. Your design should not only highlight your expertise but give customers valued information, making it easy for customers to understand and trust what you do and how you do it. A well designed page will decrease the maintenance time dramatically and improve on your site search engine rankings.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital to any successful website. What’s the point in having a brilliant website if no one can see it? Having a breathtaking design but no SEO is like having bread without butter, SEO brings a lot of valuable benefits to your website like brand awareness and credibility, if your site is the no.1 search result people will be more likely to click on your site than your competitors. Good SEO will guarantee more visitors to your site and in turn more enquiries.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design is an approach of designing and coding a website which provides an optimal viewing experience to a wide range of devices and screen resolutions. One of the main advantages of having responsive web design is that it’s extremely flexible and adaptable to fit mobile phones, tablets and computer monitors. With over 50% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices it highlights the importance of having a responsive site. Google gives websites that use responsive web design higher rankings and priority over sites that don’t, this is because responsive design uses a single URL and the same HTML code, unlike a standard site that uses a separate sites for mobile.

Although looking good is important, if your web visitors find any point of difficulty or failure in your website, they are unlikely to buy or return – and your competitors are only a click away. We will ensure that your website is totally reliable and interactive enough to engage your prospective customers rather than frustrating them.

All our websites are structured around HTML and CSS and can incorporate dynamic HTML, JavaScript and ASP, .NET & PHP to maximise the functionality of the site.
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