Why you need to have a Content Management System?

Why you need to have a Content Management System?

There’s many benefits to using a Content Management System (CMS), yet so many websites fail to take advantage of it.

Following a recent study by W3Techs, more than 65% of websites don’t use a CMS.

A benefit of a CMS is that you don’t need to know complicated programming languages like HTML to make changes to your site; as long as you have a basic understanding of a word processing program like Microsoft word you will be able to use a Content Management System with ease.

Due to a Content Management System has no coding involved you don’t have to rely on a developer to make changes to your site. You’re in charge, if you need to make an update there is no need to email someone with the changes and then have to wait for them to do it. Not to mention because you can do it all yourself, you don’t have to pay the developer for the changes!

With a website that has a CMS the content is stored in a database, this is easily accessible and separate from the site layout. This approach to content allows updating your site incredibly efficient, instead of having to tediously copy content from one page to another, do it once and it’s done.

Make sure your site is a solid investment for the future, the web standards are constantly changing, when using a CMS as the standards changes so does your site.

Now not everyone needs a Content Management System, if your site doesn’t really need to be updated, you are confident with coding languages then a CMS isn’t necessary. But in most cases using a CMS is an easier, more efficient and most cost effective option.

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